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Individual Yoga Nidras to Download

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These session recordings are so easy to fit into daily life.

Once downloaded each Yoga Nidra is yours to enjoy forever, listen as often as you like. 
Choose from the following themes and intentions:

Cloudbusting – Drift off with this dreamy Nidra for SLEEP is inspired by Dream Yoga (and Kate Bush) and contains a 61 point Himalayan rotation. (21 mins)

Self Love – Are you your harshest critic? It’s time to stop giving yourself a hard time, slow down and be kind to your mind. (28 mins)

Expansive – Help gain perspective and calm as you rise up above your problems. (28 mins)

Grounding – Try this nature Nidra if you’re feeling unsettled or fragmented. (25 mins)

Protection – This beautifully nourishing Nidra allows you to reconnect with source energy and ground with earth energy for an overall feeling of wellbeing and protection. Can be practised seated or lying. (23 mins)

Change – This spacious Nidra is perfect for gaining insight, setting intentions at each New Moon or anytime you wish to reset and reaffirm. Includes space for your Sankalpa. (29 mins)
'The recordings mean I can practise during the week as I go to sleep each husband and even children listen to the recordings now too.' Alexandra Heath