Like many I found meditation difficult. Ironically the more in need of relaxation I was, the harder it felt to obtain. My mind would be swirling with chatter and I just couldn’t get comfortable. 

That was until I attended a yoga workshop and experienced Yoga Nidra. At the time I was lost and depleted by my role as a new mother and Yoga Nidra felt like a gift, almost effortless, just lying and listening…yes please!

After that first experience I slept so soundly and in the days that followed noticed myself being far more patient and positive. I bought a recording and relished every one of those minutes of delicious rest. 

In 2018 having found my home with the practice I decided to train as a practitioner with Yoga Nidra experts Dr Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli. With over 40 years combined experience in Yoga Nidra their school Total Yoga Nidra explores the roots and all the lineages and contemporary methods of Yoga Nidra from Satyananda to the Himalayan Institute and Irest.

TYN encourages an intuitive, sensitive and highly creative approach rather than parroting scripts from others. I believe this allows the practise to resonate with the participant, go deeper and therefore be more effective.

Creative Yoga Nidra offers workshops, personalised Yoga Nidras and online classes.  

Yoga Nidra really is the antidote to modern times and hectic lives. It is my absolute pleasure to guide you in this most simple, beneficial and beautiful practice.