What is Yoga Nidra?

Are you ready to be amazed?

During Yoga Nidra you are guided through breath work, body sensing and visualisation exercises which create a relaxation response in the bodymind.

 As we progress through the Nidra, brain activity slows from active beta brain waves, through meditative alpha waves, to dreamy and creative theta and finally deep-healing delta waves.

The left and right brain come into balance, we can gain insight, perhaps a memory will flash up or an answer to a problem will appear. The journey into delta waves (the state of deep sleep) is where the body repairs itself, stress hormones are removed and serotonin is released.

Often our circumstances mean we’re unable to access delta waves, whether it’s a noisy environment, or life with a newborn, consequently we can become foggy and depressed.

Yoga Nidra can fast track us to these deeper states in a shorter timeframe than conventional sleep, the more you practise the easier the transition.

Yoga Nidra allows access to an even deeper state beyond delta. Here we have to potential to manifest change, re-pattern our behaviour, let go of unhelpful memories, reconnect with our inner guide. Whether you choose to call it ‘source’, turiya, The Unified Field, consciousness, creative energy, God, it is a state of transcendence, a dimension beyond your physical boundary.

Whether you’re looking for more rest or to change your path Yoga Nidra is tonic for these times.

'I have been blown away by how much I enjoy the sessions... I feel super calm and relaxed afterwards and the effect seems to last as well. I entered the most amazing state of relaxation that I just didn’t know existed!! I’m so glad that I started the sessions, especially during such a challenging time and would highly recommend them to anyone.' Grace L

'I love Yoga Nidra with Clare. Her soothing voice is like a balm after a long stressful day.
I have recommended Clare's Yoga Nidra to quite a few people, especially to those who I have encountered in my job as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, who find it hard to relax, as it seems to really suit folk who naturally have busy minds. Yoga Nidra engages brains that like to be active and I think for some Nidra has an advantage over other forms of mindfulness or meditation for this reason.''
Alexandra Heath, Heath Hypnotherapy