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You can relive this dreamy workshop from 1st December 2020 and replay again and again.  

This workshop is designed to fill your soul with the glow that it deserves despite things being weird in the world. 

Why Hygge? The feeling of cosiness and joy we crave in the winter is hard to define in English but summed up perfectly by the Danish word Hygge* (pronounced hue-guh if you were wondering). I share health boosting breath work and some Yogic nose unblocking to make the season if not sweeter, certainly less congested! 

1) Learn how to unblock your nose the Yogic way. Then share this with your family. 

2) Learn the essential breath technique for viral defence, balance and wellbeing.

3) Master a stress blitzing breath/visualisation technique - use anytime anxious feelings are on the rise. This technique is also great for clearing the mind before bed for a sound sleep.

4) Top it all off with the ultimate deep relaxation of mind and body – a cosy 30 minute Yoga Nidra. 

Why not go for the full Hygge vibe and set up the loveliest of spaces; your favourite candles or oils, fairy lights, cosy socks, PJs, cup of something warm, a snuggly blanket. Or, as ever just get into bed. 

Cosy up and feel more relaxed than you thought possible.